Inter Community: Journal of Communication Empowerment

Inter Community: Journal of Communication Empowerment was launched in 2019 and is published by STIKOM Inter Studi, Jakarta. Inter Community is a peer review, open access and scholarly journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for project and community service on communication issues. This journal publishes twice a year (May and November). The objective of this journal is to encourage scientific publication related but not limited to:

1. Social marketing
communication. Communication that promotes positive social and behavioral change.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility. An integration of business operations with social and environment.

3. Community engagement. The empowerment of community through dialogues and campaign to to facilitates stronger relationship.

DOI: 10.33376/ic.v1i1




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Vol 1, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Arianto Prabowo, Riky Riky, Wahyu Saputra, Arryadianata Arryadianata
Arief Pratama, Rosita Anggraini
Dimas Noercahyo, Irvan Maulana, Arryadianta Arryadianta
Rangga Sikunantindi, Muhammad Darwinsyah
Visca Nurullita, Happy Prasetyawati