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Inter Komunika: Jurnal Komunikasi was launched in 2016 and is published by STIKOM Inter Studi, Jakarta incorporation with APJIKI and ISKI. Inter Komunika is a double blind peer review, open access and scholarly journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for research on communication studies. This journal publishes twice a year (June and December). The objective of this journal is to encourage research, theoretical and conceptual articles related but not limited to:

1. Public relations. Communication that engages strategic message to build image and reputation.
2. Marketing communications. Communication that employs message in the marketing activity
3. Advertising. Communication that attaches promoting value, product, service and creative idea in public
4. Broadcasting. Distribution of audio or video message via any electronic mass communication medium.
5. Business communication. The exchange of information and message in the context of business and to achieve company goal.
6. Organizational communication. Communication that occurs within an organization in order to manage and complete a particular objective.
7. Political communication. The exchange of ideas and opinions between political actor related to power, policy and government
8. Digital communication. Communication that involves transferring message digital technologies.

Inter Komunika welcomes proposal for special issues and submissions on any topic related to the discipline.

Vol 5, No 1 (2020): Inter Komunika: Jurnal Komunikasi

Table of Contents

Sigit Pramono Hadi
Defreia Miriam Destianti, Irwansyah Irwansyah
Penda Wardani, Tina Kartika
Muhd Ar. Imam Riauan, Abdul Aziz, Amelia Fitri, Osyi Mulyani, Zainal Zainal
Fatmawati Moekahar, Benni Handayani, Yudi Daherman, Mufti Hasan Alfani